We moved to the Las Vegas area from Maryland the end of April 2011.  We immediately looked for a riding place for my 6 year old daughter to continue her lessons. Someone told me about Hunters Edge.  So we went there and really liked the facility and the lesson ponies. 

Everyone at the barn is friendly. Denise Finch, the owner, the other instructors, the other riders, parents and the rest of the staff that work at the barn are great. We drive 35 minutes 2 times a week just to go there for my daughters lesson. 

They are good with children and timid riders, like my daughter. Since we have been there my daughter has gained so much confidence; and not just riding on the ponies.  I appreciate how kind and patient the trainers are, and how they goes about training my daughter the rules of horse back riding and horsemanship. You just don't learn how to ride the pony/horse, you learn how to take care of the beautiful animals. 

​~ Mary L.
Hunter's Edge has been an absolute pleasure to be at from day 1. With the friendly, family-like atmosphere, the meticulously maintained property and skilled and dedicated staff, every horse and rider can expect only the highest quality of training, facilities, care, and maintenance. The matching tack trunks in front of each stall, blankets, halters and sheets give HEF the expensive high end show barn look, without the price tag! The tack rooms have tack CLOSETS for each rider, which I can't even imagine being without anymore. Denise takes every measure to keep the high costs associated with horses to a minimum, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and care for all the horses.

​Lessons are always interesting and challenging, no matter what the horse and rider's ability, but Denise is always mindful of her horses and students' limitations so as not to scare either one. There is nothing worse than a trainer who pushes height over heart, and while Denise will push you, she does so safely. Her thorough approach to teaching and training is the reason her students are competitive at any level.

​One of the many things I particularly love about HEF is how well organized every aspect of it is. From a news bulletin board, to a training schedule for each horse, and frequent email updates from Denise, just to name a few, every rider is always in "the loop" about what's going on. Rarely have I seen as big a facility as HEF be as impeccably organized.

​If you are on the fence about where to bring your horse, where to ride, or where to bring your kids to learn to ride in a safe, fun, and friendly environment, don't be. I searched thoroughly before I brought my horse, even considering barns as far away as 1.5 hours, and none of them could hold a candle to Denise and Hunter's Edge. Take it from somebody who is EXTREMELY particular about her horse's care! 

​~ Jasmin V.
Most anyone at the barn, or anyone at the many competitions I attend knows more about Equitation (look it up) and the care/upkeep of these thousand-pound gentle animals than I do. I still regularly confuse hunters, jumpers and the gear associated with each even after being a horse dad for years. My daughter appears to have been born with a horse gene lacking in any of the other family members. So my perspective is as the chief check writer – a fiduciary responsibility I take seriously even if my legs are still sticking out of the rabbit hole of horse knowledge. This is my experience with Hunters Edge Farm (HEF).

Choosing HEF and Denise Finch (one and the same) for my daughter started with our move to Las Vegas several years ago, and Caroline’s online research and local word-of-mouth. It was pretty obvious with minimal research that HEF is Las Vegas’ leading barn for riding and competing in hunter/jumper. However, it’s the “why” that matters, and can only be attributed to the training methods of the owner and her staff.

​I wanted, in order, safety and education for my daughter. I can report so much more. Denise de-constructed all of Caroline’s prior bad horse habits and demanded excellence, dedication, responsibility and respect (maybe not in that order). It can be intense for a teenager to be called out in front of her peers for mistakes, laziness, and responsibility. But that is a coach/trainer’s job and Denise can be brutally honest and demanding. While the sport can be dangerous it is a function of preparedness and control - I don’t even worry about safety anymore. Add in helicopter parents, former riding parents, completely ignorant parents, and mix in a sport that consumes cash like a furnace and there isn’t a rate plan in the world that can bear Denise’s cell usage. I am in awe.

​On top of that and maybe because of it, my daughter is now a part of a close-knit family of horse junkies that, instead of lounging around at parties and at the mall, spends all their free time mucking around dusty, smelly animals. And loving it – from early morning rides to dinner and movie runs they are always together. When they aren’t together they are burning up Instasnapchatbook sending updates to each other constantly. For an “individual” sport they sure are a supportive team. So this is a testimonial about trust. Others can give more technical recommendations. I can say I would do it again in an instant and it is because of Denise Finch and HEF.

​David Deane


To Whom It May Concern,

​This letter is intended to serve as a letter of reference for Denise Finch, owner and operator of Hunters Edge Farm in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have had the privilege to work with Denise and her clients on a number of different consultative projects over the past four and a half years. Denise has always exhibited the highest degree of professionalism, care and responsibility for the interests of her clients and integrity in business dealings.In my line of work, I am exposed to the “underbelly” of the equine world and see the best and the worst. I work with trainers on high dollar transactions of horses and unfortunately they sometimes lose sight of the best interest of their clients when potential for significant commission is introduced into the picture. In all of my dealings with Denise she has maintained first and foremost, safety and suitability of the horse for her client, pre-determined budget while taking into professional consideration factors such as veterinary recommendations or other key sale factors.During the devastating wildfires of 2007, Denise and clients had just finished vetting a horse for purchase through my company and were intending upon hauling back to Las Vegas when the fires reached a crisis situation. With my business connections and contacts, I found myself in the position of being an informal “command center” for evacuation of horses from barns throughout San Diego county. Denise and Rob drove their 3 horse and 6 horse rigs all over San Diego – literally at my beck and call to evacuate horses from barns ranging from backyard horses to Hap Hansen’s show jumpers and Michelle Parker’s Grand Prix stallion. They did this without compensation and in many cases without even seeing the people that they were helping. This is the mark of a true horseman.I am proud to not only have a strong business relationship with Denise but am pleased to count her among my friends. She has the qualities one should look for in a trainer – honesty, ethics, talent, a strong commitment to the horse, the ability to be fair but firm with her riders and to make all of it fun at the end of the day.

Kim Yuskiewicz
My entire life I have been drawn to horses. I always felt a unique connection with these majestic creatures; however circumstances just never really worked out for me to get very involved with them.  As fate would have it, about a few years ago my husband “stumbled” across Hunter’s Edge Farm – he was instantly taken by the incredible facility and informative staff.  For my birthday he treated me to some lessons.  It was love at first sight, smell, ride, etc.  I was so incredibly impressed at the time and attention given to instruct everyone at the barn not only on riding but how to conduct ourselves with impeccable horsemanship.  Every lesson I continue to grow, every ride I keep learning.  This barn and its staff offer so much for all riders. I am able to participate in professional clinics and schooling shows that add to my growth exponentially.  The satisfaction my husband could see on my face each time I left the barn intrigued him and prompted him to try it as well.  The encouragement and coaching we received from every trainer and groomsman at the barn grew (and continues to grow) us to a level where we decided to gradually step up our commitment from lessoning to half-leasing and now being  horse owners.  This place, these incredible people, and magnificent animals have come to mean so much to us, it truly is a blessing and so therapeutic when we needed it most. Life is funny that way – it often hands you things you need that you never knew you needed.  Thanks so much to all the Hunter’s Edge staff and clients you are all amazing – just what the doctor ordered.

​~The Peistrups

I couldn’t be happier with the quality of Hunter’s Edge.  Egos?  Not here.  Drama?  No, thank goodness.  Great people through and through?  Yes.  Denise puts a lot of effort and time into understanding the individual goals of students (you’ll find all ages and skill levels here) so that everyone has something to work towards.  The care of the horses is second to none.  Kids learn that it’s not just about getting on, riding a pony, and moving on to the next activity.  It’s a pleasure to see young minds challenged as they learn discipline, patience and responsibility—all while building self esteem.  Good horsemanship and good sportsmanship is emphasized throughout.  If you or your loved one does want to pursue riding, there are some great horses and ponies to learn on and lease options if you don’t have your own horse.  The barn is welcoming and well-kept.  I highly recommend checking it out!

~ Alyssa M.      

Denise Finch has been our 11-year old daughter's riding instructor for over three years. Our confidence in and appreciation for Denise has grown throughout this time.Denise has a vast knowledge of total horsemanship as she has competed or taught since she was a child. At each opportunity on and off the horse, she takes the time to point out where our daughter is improving and other areas that still need to be worked on.We continue to be impressed by Denise's comprehensive training. Our daughter has learned riding techniques in the English discipline, flatwork, showmanship, horse anatomy, grooming, horse training, show riding skills and even safety training such as encouraging CPR and First Aid certification. As a result, our daughter has developed a passion and has the discipline to care and complete all the chores necessary to maintain these animals. Her self-confidence, ability to ride, control of her horse, and her ability to multi-task grows after every lesson.Denise Finch not only teaches our child how to ride a horse but she exemplifies the importance of total equestrian proficiency and a continuous search for growth. Denise is known around the barn for her inspirational speeches, integrity, wisdom, and class. Denise's attributes affect our daughter's life in a positive way not only in the horse world but the real world as well. We are very grateful to have met Denise Finch.

~ Drew & Catherine Hyde
Before we moved to the Las Vegas area, I did some thorough searching for a good hj trainer for my daughter and her horse. I went to Las Vegas, and did some interviews, and met a few trainers out here, but when we met Denise, we knew she was the one. She had just started the move to her new facility when we came, and every one was so excited. The kids trusted and respected her as well as the horses. My daughter has been through several moves and several trainers since she was 6 years old, and we couldn't ask for better. She has been strong and patient with our hot headed warm blood as well. My daughter and her horse have been training with Denise since the summer of 2011, and they have both come a long way together. Hunter Edge is a phenomenal place to be.

​~ Mindy, Danica, and Patrick. 
I came to Hunters Edge Farm almost four years ago as an adult "green" rider with a young "green" horse. Needless to say Denise Finch, the head trainer at Hunters Edge had her hands full with us. I found her to be extremely patient with us but at the same time really pushed me to be a better, stronger, more confident rider for my equine partner. I must say my experience has been excellent! I would definitely recommend Hunters for anyone, at any riding level. If you want to ride in a happy, positive,supportive, no drama atmosphere Hunters Edge is the place. The staff here has taken very good care of my horse and he looks better than ever and to top it all off, the facility is beautiful and clean with shade trees, grass and full of the best lesson horses and ponies in town.

​  - M. Aquino
After being out of the horse world for about 8 years, I decided in 2009 to start riding again.  I visited Denise at Hunter's Edge Farm and knew immediately that this was the place for me.  The facility is wonderful, the horses are exquisitely cared for, and all staff is friendly and helpful.  Denise is very knowledgeable and provides excellent attention to all students, whether or not they are horse owners or part of the riding school.  In short, I cannot say enough positive things about Hunter's Edge Farm and I highly recommend HEF for any level or age of student.

​~ Hillery Leslie
After about 15 years out of the saddle, I went back to the sport I love. I had been looking for a barn in Las Vegas and a friend recommended her barn, Hunters Edge Farm.  It turned out to be a great fit for me! The trainer, horses and facilities are wonderful. HEF has horses and ponies for all levels of riders. Since I was a returning rider this was important to me. Denise is great. She is supportive, encouraging all while pushing you to do your best.The other riders at the barn are friendly and fun. It is like a family and everyone is always supporting each other. It is a great place for everyone from beginner to advanced riders as well as pleasure riders to show riders! 

​~ Shelly H.
When I was a little girl into my teenage years, I owned the most amazing Quarter Horse, named Silver. Life got in the way and I pursued my college education, career, etc.  Before I realized it, twenty years had passed and I needed to feel the bond with another horse.  Although I was a bit rusty at the beginning of my lessons, Denise and all of the Hunters Edge staff fully welcomed me.  Riding their lesson horse, Diego, brought back the connection I desperately missed.  Knowing that buying my own saddle would assist me in feeling more comfortable while riding, Denise made it possible for me to purchase a beautiful Pessoa saddle that fit me like a glove.  Even though I do not own a horse, I am always welcomed and treated with dignity and respect.  My students love to hear about my weekly lessons and experiences at Hunter's Edge! Thank you for being wonderful to me and allowing me to connect with my passion for horses.

Michele Long
English teacher